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Gift Certificate

*Put a number on each gift certificate.
*Keep a good record of gift certificates and mark each one off with a date.
*Write only one-year expiration on the gift certificates at the most.
*Sell packages of massages (At a discounted price) and tell the clients they can give them to other people.
*Send out reminder cards if the gift certificate is going to expire soon.
*Reward clients that give you referrals with free a free gift certificate.
*Do not give out too many free gift certificates, it will seem that they all want to redeem them at the same time, and then you do not have a lot of income.
*Give a discount to clients that have followed you from place to place, once you open your own clinic.
*Give a senior discount.
*Only 50% of gift certificates for people that have never received a massage will be redeemed and about 75% of people that have received massages before will use them.  
*Run promotions for the various holidays emphasizing gift certificate sales: Christmas, Valentines Day.
*Give your clients gift certificates to give to their friends and spouses.
*Send out birthday cards with a discounted massage offer.
*Microsoft Publisher works well for making Gift Certificates and Business cards.
*If you sell gift certificates, put that money in a separate savings account and only take out that money when you give that massage.


Name of Business
1234 Main St.
Rochester, MN 55555
Phone: 555-5555

This certificate entitles: ____________________________ to a one-hour massage
From: _____________________________
Authorized by: ______________________
Expires: ____/____/ 200__                                                 Gift certificate number_____

Not redeemable for cash.
Please give a 24-hour notice with any cancellations.

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