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  • About 20% of the clients will be men and 80% will be women.
  • Around 20% of the therapists will be male and 80% will be female.
  • There are more male teachers than female teachers.
  • There are a lot more women working in spas as a massage therapist than men.
  • When a client prefers deeper pressure, they tend go to a male.
  • When a client prefers lighter pressure, they tend to go to a female.
  • Females can be close to equal with strength as long as they use their body weight.
  • I’ve had women make me close to tears on the table.
  • Males are said to have a 50% harder time breaking into the massage field.
  • Usually first time client prefers a female therapist.
  • Every now and then you will get a phone call specifying only a female therapist.
  • Women tend to have more of a nurturing hand.
  • Men tend to have a heavy hand.
  • Women are more likely to burn out because of the physical strength involved.
  • Women are more likely to get involved in energy work.
  • More men have developed massage styles.
  • Males have to take twice as many precautions with the opposite sex.
  • A happily married male therapist tends to not stray with his thoughts about the opposite during the massage.
  • Female therapists are more likely to be asked out by the male client.
  • Male therapists are more likely to be asked out by the male client.
  • Women therapists tend to ask more questions over the phone to the male client to make sure it will be a therapeutic massage.

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