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NAME of Massage Therapy Student: _____________________________________
How did you feel before the massage: ____________________________________
How did you feel after the massage: _____________________________________

*PLEASE be honest and Answer more then YES or NO
(This helps the student)
(The Massage student will not get this back for one week)

1. Did the therapist introduce himself/herself and call you by your name?

2. Did the therapist explain what they were going to do before you started your treatment (Where to put your clothes, how to start the treatment face up or face down on the table, to take your jewelry off, and anything else)?

3. What areas did ‘you not want massaged’ (Face, Scalp, Upper chest, Arms, Hands, Stomach, Legs, Feet, Back, and Side of Glutes)?

4. What areas did the ‘therapist not massage’ (Face, Scalp, Upper chest, Arms, Hands, Stomach, Legs, Feet, Back, and Side of Glutes)?

5. Did the therapist explain all the areas he or she was going to massage: Yes___ A little bit___ No___?

6. Did the therapist ask you if you wanted a bolster under your knees when you were face up and under your ankles when you were face down: Yes___ No___?

7. Were you comfortable during the treatment: Yes___ Most of the time___ Some of the time____ No___?

8. Did the therapist go over the health form with you (Did she or he ask you any questions)?

9. Did the therapist have any body odor or perfume/cologne on: Yes___ No___?

10. Did the therapist talk: Too much___ Some___ Hardly ever___?

11. Could you feel finger nails: Yes___ No___?

12. Was there enough variety with the massage techniques: Yes___ No___?

13. Did the therapist keep his or her hands on you: All of the time___ Most of the time___ Some of the time___?

14. Did the techniques seem: Too Slow___ Too Fast___ Just right___?

15. Did there seem to have a flow with the massage: Most of the time___ Some of the time___ Not much at all___?

16. Did the therapist seem confident: Yes___ Mostly___ No___?

17. Did the therapist have gum or candy in their mouth: Yes___ No___?

18. Did the therapist ever talk about sex, religion, race, or any other things that are
inappropriate: yes___ no___ if yes explain_____________________________________________?

19. Therapist’s personality (1-10, 10 being the best).

20. In general, evaluate the effectiveness of the massage (1-10, 10 being the best).

21. Did the therapist spend too much or not enough time on any certain area: Yes___ No___?

22. Would you ever make an appointment with this therapist out in public: Yes___ No___?

23. Therapist strong points…

24. Therapist weak points (Please write at least one thing they could improve on)…

25. Did the therapist explain the possible side-effects from receiving a massage: Soreness, Dizziness, Flu-like symptoms, Dehydration, Headache, Bruising, and Bringing up old pain?

26. Did the therapist explain to drink extra water and why you have to: Yes___ No___?

27. If you ever received a professional massage before; what did you like or dislike compared to your other massages?

28. Did the therapist explain for you to receive more massages in the near future: Yes___ No___?

29. Any other comments? ____________________________________________________________________

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