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  • Accessibility - Refusing to adapt your office (or making some reasonable accommodation) for those with physical challenges.
  • Bigotry - Refusing to work on someone due to race, religion, size or sexual orientation.
  • Dual Relationships - Dating a client.
  • Confidentiality - Name-dropping famous clients; telling a spouse details about his partner’s session.
  • Contraindications - Treating a client when you are sick/infectious; ignoring signs of conditions that preclude physical contact.
  • Exploiting the Power Differential - Asking a stock broker for financial tips during a treatment.
  • Financial Impropriety - Charging a cash-paying client a different fee than an insurance-paying client.
  • Inappropriate Advertising - Using a provocative picture in advertising; presenting misleading qualifications
  • Informed Consent - Working on a minor without parental knowledge; treating someone’s injury without permission.
  • Misleading Claims of Curative Abilities - Telling a client you guarantee her pain will be gone in two sessions.
  • Misrepresentation of Educational Status - Calling yourself a craniosacral therapist after taking a three-hour workshop.
  • Practicing Beyond Scope of Practice - Doing spinal adjustments, massage or counseling without appropriate training.
  • Sexual Misconduct - Watching a client undress or hugging a client in a sexual way.
  • Violation of Laws - Practicing out of your home when it is not permitted by law.

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