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·  Everyone’s belief is a little different on what crystals are used for what chakra (So use what your body tells you).
·  They contain energy, which can be used for healing or spiritual development. On the other hand, crystals can focus and transmit a person's own energy, perhaps helping others.
·  Quartz watches, computers, televisions and many conventional medical techniques
·  would not exist without crystals.
·  Crystals vary their structure when they are subjected to changes in temperature, water levels (Hydration) and they even change color if you alter their electromagnetic field.
·  Crystalline structures are everywhere - even in the human body.
·  Crystals can focus on the electromagnetic fields that surround cell membranes.
·  Crystals can affect moods and emotions.

*There is no right and wrong with crystals - trust your intuition.
*If there is negative energy before you get the crystal, then this energy will be there when you wear or use the crystal.
*It is most important to cleanse your crystals before you wear them.
*To clean your crystals: place the crystals in a glass of water and place the glass in a window directed at the sun for at least 24 hours.

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