Spa Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Aimed at relieving pain, swelling or irritation. The plant or herb itself is applied directly to the affected area, and then a cloth is wrapped over and around the plant or herb.
  2. Using melted paraffin (Wax) to dip body part in to build a paraffin glove to retain heat. Operating temperature 126 degrees to 130 degrees.
  3. Massage treatment requires that the client lie on a waterproof, cushioned mat as water of varying temperatures is sprayed onto him or her by a number of water jets, followed by an exfoliating treatment like dulse scrub, loofah body scrub or salt glow.
  4. Washing of the body by hand, usually using a towel or mitt
  5. Local applications of moist heat to the body surface, usually made of wool and cotton to retain heat and moisture
  6. Using sun for therapeutic purpose.
  7. Reduction of cellulite for therapeutic purpose.
  8. A therapeutic spa treatments categorized by the use of caves for therapeutic purpose.
  9. Using a sponge to apply water, alcohol, or witch hazel to the body, usually for a cooling affect.
  10. Washing out the colon 10-20 times over 45-60 minutes.
  11. Polish skin treatment that uses a series of brushes and salicylic salt to exfoliate and brighten the skin.
  12. A type of bath that uses a tub shaped like a chair. The client sits in the bath, with his or her legs and hips covered in hot water. Cold water is then added, and the feet are soaked in alternating containers of hot and cold water. This treatment is believed to stimulate the immune system.
  13. Using rocks for therapeutic purpose.
  14. Treatment that the primary purpose is to rid dead skin cells from the body; from the Latin word exfoliates, which means 'to remove leaves'. The method of using a brush or using salt that is dipped in water and smeared on the body.
  15. Increases urine production
  16. Extreme reduction in body temperature
  17. Totally soundproof room with a water bed and sometimes music, The room is usually not more than a size of a bed and not more than 2-3 tall.


  1. A stream of water directed at the body or into a body cavity
  2. What holds and maintains the shape of the soft tissue and skin, but it becomes increasingly inhibited with toxic accumulation. As already discussed, fat acts as a sponge for storing toxins.
  3. Using a cold for therapeutic purpose.
  4. Heat is transferred by direct contact of one heated object to another.
  5. A dry heat, which increases body temperature and increases perspiration. May put strain on nasal passages, throat and lungs.
  6. Increase in quantity of blood flowing through the body or part of the body characterized by heat, redness: Vasodilation
  7. A form of Shiatsu massage. Actually, the client hardly goes under the water but is cradled, rocked and massaged while being held in the water.
  8. A gentle massage therapy technique that uses long, stroking movements.
  9. Diminished or lack of circulation in an area
  10. A big treatment in most spas, some therapist really push the fact along with body wraps it temporarily alters the state of cellulite. It involves gentle and pulsating pressure or massage of specific areas of the body located around the lymph nodes and toward the heart.
  11. Type of rhythmical, rocking massage originating in Hawaii.
  12. High-powered water spray using hot or cold seawater or freshwater. An excellent invigorating, energizing and cleansing treatment.
  13. Facility that provides fitness activities and offers a variety of spa services on a day-use basis.
  14. Using scents for therapeutic purpose.
  15. A full body scrub with a loofah sponge and sea salt usually mixed with a warm oil (Avocado or almond). Its purpose is to exfoliate the skin and to stimulate circulation.
  16. Cleansing and re-hydrating treatment through the use of creams, which are applied in long, massage-type movements.
  17. Facility that offers on-site accommodations, spa services, fitness and wellness elements, and spa cuisine to introduce to its clients a lifestyle and health improvement.
  18. Decreases pain
  19. Generic term for a variety of spa treatments that use water, mud, and vapor.
  20. Using Herbs, Plant oils or Extracts for therapeutic purpose.
  21. Diminished oxygen supply usually due to poor circulation

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