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Common Strains  
Abdominal muscle strain
Cervical strain
Elbow strain
Foot strain
Gastrocnemius strain
Hamstring strain
Hand strain
Hip strain
Low back strain
Lower leg strain
Lumbosacral strain
Quadriceps strain
Shoulder strain
Triceps strain

Common Tendinitis  

Achilles tendinitis  
Back tendinitis  
Biceps tendinitis  
Elbow tendinitis  
Hand tendinitis  
Hip tendinitis  
Knee tendinitis  
Lower leg tendinitis  
Patella tendinitis  
Peroneal tendon tendinitis  
Pes anserine tendinitis  
Popliteus tendinitis

Common Sprains

ACL sprain (Sprain Straight anterior instability)  
Anterior metatarsal arch sprain (Dropped metatarsal head)  
Cervical sprain (Whiplash injury)  
Eversion ankle sprain (Sprained ankle)  
Glenohumeral sprain (Sprained shoulder)  
Intervertebral sprain (Backache)  
Inversion ankle sprain (Sprained ankle)  
LCL sprain (Sprain / Straight varus instability)  
Lumbosacral sprain (Lower back sprain)  
MCL sprain (Sprain / Valgus instability)  
PCL sprain (Sprain / Straight posterior instability)  
Sacroiliac sprain

Common Dislocations

Acute patella (Dislocated kneecap)
Anterior ankle (Dislocated ankle)
Anterior elbow (Dislocated elbow)
Anterior glenohumeral subluxation (Slipping shoulder)
Cervical vertebrae (Dislocation of vertebrae)
Distal Radioulnar (Dislocation of wrist)
Glenohumeral/Subglenoid (Dislocated shoulder-downward)
Hip (Dislocation of hip)
Lunate (Dislocation of carpal bone)
Peroneal tendon
Phalange (MPC, PIP, DIP) (Dislocated finger)
Phalangeal (Dislocated toe)
Posterior ankle (Dislocated ankle)
Posterior elbow (Dislocated elbow)
Posterior glenohumeral (Dislocated shoulder-posterior)
Posterior glenohumeral subluxation (Slipping shoulder)
Recurrent patella (Dislocation of kneecap)
Subcoracoid glenohumeral (Dislocated shoulder-anterior)
Superior ankle (Dislocated ankle)
Temporomandibular joint (Jaw is out of place)
Tibiofemoral (Dislocated knee)
Tooth (Tooth/teeth pushed back)
Wrist (Dislocated wrist)

Common Skin Injuries
Abrasion - The skin is scraped against a rough surface. The epidermis and dermis are worn away, exposing numerous blood capillaries.

Friction Blister - Continuous rubbing over the surface of the skin causes a collection of fluid below orwithin the epidermal layer.

Incision - The skin has been sharply cut.

Laceration - A wound in which the flesh has been irregularly torn.

Puncture Wound - Penetrations of the skin by a sharp object.

Skin Avulsion - Skin is torn by the same mechanism as a laceration to the extent that tissue is completely ripped from its source is an avulsion injury.

Skin Bruise - When a blow compresses or crushes the skin surface and produces bleeding under the skin.

Common Fractures
Acute bone fractures
Avulsion fracture
Clowout fracture
Comminuted fracture
Contrecoup fracture
Depressed fracture
Greenstick fracture
Impacted fracture
Longitudinal fracture
Oblique fracture
Serrated fracture
Spinal fracture
Stress fracture
Transverse fracture

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