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(Standard care for acute stage of healing)R
est -
from the activity causing the injury, as movement is likely to cause increased
bleeding and more tissue damage.
Ice - applied to the injured tissues. Alternatively, a commercial freezer gel packs with a
wet towel. The purpose of this is to reduce the pain and swelling. The application of ice
should be for 10-15 minutes, and depending on the severity of injury and consequent
swelling, may have to be applied several times. Never apply the ice directly on the skin.
Compression - applying a firm, elastic, non-adhesive bandage to the injured area. It is
important to note when the bandage is too tight, for instance, when numbness, tingling,
coldness or signs of digits (fingers or toes) furthest from the heart becoming pale or blue.
Elevation - raising the injured area above the level of the heart, is recommended. Again,
this is to decrease pain and swelling as well as bleeding.

Another standard care for acute stage of healing:
Protect - Support the injured part by taping or strapping it to protect against further
Compression - Compression bandage will help reduce swelling, make sure you use a
stretchy bandage and do not apply it too tightly.


One of the most common treatment used in treating sports injuries, which stands for:
Movement - (When the injury happens to a joint, then movement is replaced by rest)

(Before you start treating any injury)
S - (Stop) Stop the injured person from moving.
T - (Talk) Ask questions like: What happened? How did it happen? What did it feel like?
Where does it hurt? Have you injured this part before?
O - (Observe) Look for things like swelling, bruising, deformity, and tenderness.
P - (Prevent)
Prevent further injury.


Another standard care for acute stage of healing:
No Heat - such as hot water bottle, sauna/spa, hot liniment rubs as bleeding can
No Alcohol - as there is a tendency for swelling to increase.
No Running - or any exercises too soon can cause the injury to worsen.
No Massage - done vigorously may increase swelling and bleeding. However, it can be
performed gently to reduce swelling.

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