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Want your own commercial?
I can make one for you, but I just need some of the below to get started...
PICTURES: I need all the pictures you would like in the video (no copyrighted pictures). I can also take screenshots of your website and use some of those. I do have a subscription to and you can go there and give me the URL's of the pictures you would want.
SCRIPT: I need a script and send me how to pronounce any words that might be hard (especially first names, last names and towns).

MUSIC: Go to this site, to pick out which music your would want in the background, and send me the name of the song you want. This site recommends a $5 donation if at all possible.
VIDEO: If you have any video you want edited, please use YouSendIt for larger files.
LENGTH: The length of the videos would be best around 30 seconds, because any longer than that, the viewer looses interest. I can make them longer...totally up to you.
WHERE TO PUT THEM: It's a good idea to upload the finished commerical to youtube (open an account, if you don't already have one) and checkout this PAGE for tips and tricks.

Price: $75 per commercial.

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