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*Most of these could be considered TrP's; but technically TrP's are on muscles (TrP Therapy is still considered a theory)

Absent TrP - Little to no pain upon palpation.
*Active TrP - May be sensitive to palpation, but the pain is felt at a distal site (referred pain).
Active trigger points hurt when the involved muscle is used, and very active trigger points can hurt when the muscle is at rest. Causes immediate pain or referral pain without palpation (about 1/16-1/8in. diameter).
Attachment TrP - Located where fibers merge into tendons.
Central TrP - Presence of excess calcium where a trigger point is located.
Cutaneous TrP - Found in the skin. Cutaneous trigger points are one of clinical examples of hyperalgesia.
False Positive TrP - Sensitive to palpation, and which refers pain, but which does not correspond with known patterns.
Fascial TrP - Found in the connective tissues.
Herniated TrP - It is an abnormal protrusion of tissue through the fascial plane that has a trigger point on it.
Key Myofascial TrP - Responsible for activating one or more satellite trigger points.
*Latent TrP -
Only when pressed, do latent trigger points hurt. In some people the pain resolves but the taut band remains, producing a latent trigger point (TrP). A latent TrP does not normally cause pain unless it is prodded, rolled around, or stretched. It may leave the muscle vulnerable to further injury in the future as the latent trigger point may make the muscle less willing to lengthen or relax.
Ligamentous TrP - Trigger points can also be found in joint capsules and in ligaments. These are a significant source of pain, and refer pain in a manner similar to trigger points found in muscle and fascial structures.
Motor TrP - Located (with a few exceptions) in the center of the muscle fiber belly.
Myofascial TrP - Found on the muscles.
Palpable taut bands (Hypertonic muscle) - Rope or string-like taut muscle fibers around the trigger point.
Periosteal TrP - Found in the covering layers of bones. These are a significant source of pain, and refer pain in a manner similar to trigger points found in muscle and fascial structures. The areas at which the degenerative process in the periosteum has reached maximum and pain receptors are activated.
*Satellite TrP - Manifesting themselves on other muscle areas rather than the original source of pain.
Secondary TrP - Spot in a muscle that becomes active because of a trigger point and muscular overload in another muscle.
Tender Points - Specific, symmetrical localized points in Fibromyalgia. There are 18 points, 9 on each side of the body.

* Main TrP’s talked about

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