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*Know the stats and players names of what sport you want to massage.

*Athletes love talking about how they performed in the game/event…Appear to be interested (Even if you are not)!

*Know what techniques to use for: Pre, Post, Intermediate, and Rehabilitative Massage.

*If you work for a sports team, you will work under the Athletic trainers.

*Know your muscles (They know a lot)!

*Know types of injuries an Athlete can have!

*Most of these techniques involve: movement and massage at the same time.

*All sports massage techniques can use Muscle Energy Techniques (PNF, AIS, CRAC…) while you are performing them to increase the pressure.

*If the technique is to intense while they are resisting, just start the pain tolerance out at 4-5 (Out of 10) and have them resist you to create their own tolerance.

*Never have the client tense up so much that they vibrate.

*Most of the techniques are slow, deep glides.

*Most of these techniques are used for Rehabilitative Massage (2-3 days before or after an event).

*Remember the rules of R.I.C.E.

*Some sports you can’t use oil before an event (Wrestling…).

*Make sure to remove as much oil off their body before an event/game.

*Coco Butter sticks work very well for deep friction (It provides great traction).

*A lot of the techniques can be performed with the client wearing shorts (Shorts and sports bra for women) and no sheets on the table.

*Never ask the athlete were they hurt just before their event/game.

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