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*Relax during the stretch.

*Tune into your body.

*Focus on muscles and joints being stretched.

*Feel the stretch.

*Be guided by the feel of the stretch.

*No bouncing!

*Stretch until you feel a slight mild tension and hold for 5–10 seconds (Once you feel for comfortable, maintain the stretch up to 30 seconds).

*For stretching to be beneficial, make sure you set a routine.

*Once in the morning and once at night to get in a good routine.

*Have a journal of your stretching routine.

*No pain during the stretch!

*When stretching: Slow in to it…Maintain it…Slowly come out of it.

*Don’t hold your breath during the stretch.

*Don’t be in a hurry during the stretch.

*Don’t stretch while you are tense.

*No bouncing during the stretch.

*Don’t stretch to the point of pain.

*Stretching is not exercise.

*Don’t stretch a cold muscle.

*The general warm-up should begin with joint-rotations, starting either from your toes and working your way up, or from your fingers and working your way down. If they are not already warm before you wish to stretch, then you need to warm them up yourself, usually by performing some type of brief aerobic activity.

*Breathe slowly, rhythmically and under control. Do not hold your breath.

*Take your time.

*Alternate the stretches to allow for proper rest periods.

*Do not compare yourself with others (Everyone has different flexibility).

*If you are stretching correctly, the stretch feeling should slightly subside as you hold the stretch.

*If you feel any unusual pain; see a doctor.

*Typically, if you have pain in an area for 7 or more days; you should see a doctor.

*There are many different forms of stretching…just stick to the basics to start.

*You could be ore the next day (Aerobic workout for the muscles).

*Stretching is not a 2-3 times a week routine, it is an everyday routine.

*If you stretch on a regular basis, it could help get rid of up to 50% of your pain.

*Hydrate your muscles!

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