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What is it?
Outcall massage, Home visits, or Off Site massages are names used for going to someone’s house or hotel to give them a massage. This type of massage is usually for the busy client or financially more stable.

Usually massage therapists charge more for going to someone’s house to give a massage. The price can vary: $10-$20 extra, mileage (from your place of business to their house) or $10-$20 extra plus mileage.

Stable and light massage table, carrying case for your table, flat/ fitted sheet, pillowcase (To cover headrest), spray bottle with soap and water and paper towels. Massage lotion and oil, hand sanitizer, business cards, portable stool and CD’s. Other things are: Place to store your supplies, pillow, name tag or shirt with your logo on it, your appointment book, pencil or pen, water bottle for yourself and the list goes on.

Going to the appointment
While you are on the phone with the client, ask them what room and how much space you can have to set up your table and supplies. Music is another question you want to ask, let them know they can use their own music and ask if they have a stereo system or boom box. When a client calls you for an appointment, always get directions (Have a map available when you take the call). It is also important to ask the client how much time it will take to get to their house (Then add 5-10 minutes to that). Remember it include traffic time into your departure time, if anything try to be at their house 5-10 minutes early. Ask what door to use and ask where you can park (Some clients will say “Just park in the driveway”). Explain to the client about the extra charge with going to their house while you are on the phone.

When you get to their house, ask if it is o.k. to leave or take off your shoes. Ask permission to use their bathroom to wash your hands. It would be a good idea to have a holster for your oil so you do not sit it on their floor. Make sure you clean off your table before you start and after you are done. Make sure you have enough room to move around the table while you are giving a massage (You might have to ask permission to move furniture). When the client is getting undressed, make sure you ask where you can wait so they have more privacy.

The reason I ask you to bring your own water bottle, so nothing can be put in your drink (This actually happened to someone I know and she was taken advantage of for 4 fours). Some therapist’s belief is not to go to people’s houses that they do not know and others only go to places where it is a referral from another client. It will be a little uncomfortable not being in a controlled environment. If you decide to go to someone’s house that you do not know, always write the directions down in your appointment book and leave it at your place of business. Some therapists will call a friend and let them know when they should be done with the massage (If you do not call them at the agreed upon time, they will know where you are). If you decide to give a massage at a hotel, let the front desk person know where you are going and what time you will be back (You can give them a tip so they can remember).

More than one massage

The nice thing about outcall massages is that some couples what one after another. The benefit with this is that you could give them a discount for giving two or more massages in a row. It would be a good idea to pack an extra set of sheets in case the other person wants one (Only if time allows).

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