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* If the client feels pain…Stop the stretch (It should only feel a little uncomfortable during the stretch)!

* If the client feels a burning pain…Stop the stretch!

* Always warm-up the muscle groups first before you stretch them!

* When the client resists a stretch…Make sure they don’t perform a jerking motion!

* When the client resists; make sure they don’t use all their strength!

* Communication is the Key!

* If a person does not use resistive stretching (Or stretching)…Just perform the stretch once (Don’t keep having them resist)!

* Resistive stretches are almost impossible to try on your own…Get a partner!

* Do not perform these stretches within the time period of 0-72 hours after an injury…Use RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation)!

* Do not perform any of these techniques fast (Unless indicated)!

* Rule of thumb is: Slow in…(Bring the muscle to the point of resistance slowly)…Maintain…(No Jerking)…Slow out…(Take it out of the stretch slowly)!

* Never bounce when stretching (Ballistic Stretch)!

* All of these stretching techniques can be used on other parts of the body.

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