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  • Relieves muscle spasms, cramps associated with the stress of extra weight bearing and physical changes that occur during pregnancy.
  • Reduces stress and teaches the mother to relax.  
  • Relaxation is one of the keys to labor and delivery. Gestation processed enhanced through increasing blood circulation, lymph circulation, reducing edema, increasing cellular respiration.
  • Provides emotional support and physical nurturing; this may be passed on to the baby
    Assists in reducing the stress in the weight bearing joints and musculoskeletal structures.
  • Helps maximize breathing capacity, which is needed during labor and delivery.
  • In addition, all the other benefits mentioned earlier in this book.

Possible Problems during Pregnancy
•        Reduced circulation
•        Plasma increases
•        Blood volume increased
•        May develop varicose veins
•        Higher level of progesterone
•        Gestational edema (Hands, face or body)
•        Preeclampsia is hypertension and in protein in your urine and causes pitting edema
•        Edema can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and tarsal tunnel syndrome
•        Hypertension is increased 30 of systolic and 15 for diastolic
•        Problems breathing in 2nd and 3rd trimester
•        Vaginal infections and or bleeding
•        Gums extra sensitive
•        Diabetes
•        Tender breasts
•        Different changes in the skin
•        Vitamin deficiencies
•        More vivid dreams
•        Extra sensitive to hot and cold

•        Toxoplasmosis is a virus that can affect the baby in the womb and you get it from cats or wild animals and your baby can become blind
•        Decreased bladder tone
•        Cramping in calves
•        Weight gain (average is 25-30 pounds) and below 17% total body weight can be a problem
•        Back problems
•        Fatigue
•        Fibrous buildup
•        Hyperirritable
•        External rotation of the hip
•        Many trigger points
•        Strain on joints
•        Constipation
•        Morning sickness 2nd –14th weeks (usually)
•        Heartburn
•        To much movement (Ligaments, tendons and fascia) loose goose
•        Lumbar and cervical lordosis
•        Scoliosis or Disc problems
•        Thoracic outlet syndrome
•        Headaches
•        Cravings
•        & many others…
Possible High Risk Pregnancies
“Proceed with caution and get a physician's release is advised”
•        Incompetent cervix
•        Lung or liver disorder
•        Severe anemia
•        Convulsive disorders
•        Abnormal Fetal Heartbeat
•        Decrease or absence of fetal movement
•        Inter uterine growth retardation
•        Lupus
•        Poor lifestyle habits (drug abuse, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption)
•        Low weight gain
•        Vaginal bleeding
•        Severe abdominal pain
•        Fainting
•        Inability to keep any food down for 24 hours
•        Blurred vision
•        Sudden and severe swelling, especially in the face
•        Unpleasant-smelling or unusual vaginal discharge
•        Constant or severe headaches
•        Blood in your urine or painful or burning urination
•        Fever of 101 degrees F or greater
•        Baby is not moving as much as it normally does
•        Chronic Hypertension
•        Previous Problem in Pregnancy
•        Previous miscarriage
•        Mothers under 20 or over 35
•        Asthmatic Mother
•        Suspected RH Negative Mother or other genetic problems, Drug addictions or exposure to drugs
•        Previous multiple births
•        Diabetic Mother
•        Cardiac Disorders- heart disease
•        No prenatal care
•        & many others…

Postpartum Problems
•        Infections, (including uterine, bladder, or kidney infections)
•        Excessive bleeding after delivery
•        Pain in the perineal area (between the vagina and the rectum)
•        Vaginal discharge
•        Swollen breasts
•        Breast infection or Clogged milk ducts
•        Stretch marks

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