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• Where is the location of the pain?

• How bad is the pain at any given time?

• How long have you had the pain?

• Have you ever had this pain in the past?

• What is the frequency of the pain?

• How does the pain start?

• Is the pain more on one side than the other?

• Does your job increase your pain?

• What aggravates the pain?

• Does anything relieve the pain?

• If you do not know how you got the pain, have you ever injured yourself there before?

• "Tell me about yourself."

• "Tell me about your home life." (What physical activities do they have to perform at home, describe the home environment, etc.)

• "Tell me about your work." (What physical activities do they have to perform, describe the work environment, etc.)

• "What do you like to do in your spare time?" (Describe the physical activities and their environments related to hobbies, recreation, etc.)

• "Prioritize the activities from each of these areas that you want to return to doing."

• "Describe your ‘typical day’ before your problem and after your problem."

• What is it that this problem is keeping you from doing that you want to get back to doing?" This is the client's Outcome Statement. (Have the client prioritize those affected activities, from most to least important).

• "Do you have any other problems?"

• "What medications are you currently taking?"

• "Have you had any previous physical therapy?" (If yes, describe; was it successful?)

• "How do you feel right now?"

• "Is there anything else you would like for me to know?"

• Characteristics: "Describe your problem," "How does it feel (pain or other symptoms) and how does it make you feel?" "Does your problem occur at certain times?"

• Intensity: "How bad is your problem?" (What impact does this problem have on your life? What are you unable to do because of this problem, with respect to all aspects of your life: self-care, home, work, and leisure?) Have the client rank the problem, using a scale, such as 0 to 10 (give criteria for 0 and for 10, such as 0 = at its best, 10 = at its worst).

• Duration: "If certain activities cause you pain, how long does it last after you stop the activity?" "Is it constant, or intermittent?"

• Aggravating factors: "What makes the problem worse?" "What do you notice this problem to be associate with?" When do you typically feel the pain?

• Alleviating factors: "What makes the problem better?

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