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Organ Referrals

  • Bladder - Naval region (anterior)

  • Gall Bladder - Upper right quadrant (anterior)
  • Heart - Left Pec area, down ulna side of arm and ending at the last two fingers (anterior)
  • Intestines - Back of head (posterior)
  • Kidney - Lateral to the naval on the side (anterior)
  • Kidney and Bladder - Low back region (can feel like a belt)
  • Liver - Lower ribs (anterior side)
  • Liver (capsule) - Deltoid region (anterior)

  • Lung - SCM area (anterior) and upper traps (posterior)
  • Small Intestine - Above naval (anterior)
  • Stomach - Diaphragm area (anterior), Close to spine below scapula (posterior)
  • Ureters - Inguinal area (anterior)
  • Uterus - Gluteal cleft region (posterior)

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